Skip steps at work. Increase efficiency. Maximise success.

Imagine starting your day feeling totally relaxed. You’re feeling good because you know: “I’m off for a long weekend at midday.” – And it’s only Thursday. “Impossible”, you think? “Not with us, it isn’t”, we say.
Trust PICHLER. Invest in quality, satisfaction, efficiency, and success.


    Forget “difficult”. Welcome to “EASY”!

    We invent, manufacture, and market specialist tools that simplify your work procedures so drastically that you can save a huge amount of time, strength, materials, and money. Your customers will be as excited as you are. Lengthy repairs can suddenly be finished in minutes. And your company’s success will also increase in line with your customers’ satisfaction.


    How we can help you every day?

    Through revolutionary technologies, top-quality materials, and an unbeatable spirit of innovation. With our specialist automotive tools you can repair parts in situ, easily replace injectors and glow plugs, and even assemble testing adapters, such as universal compression pressure adapters. And that’s only the beginning...


    Providing the best service by far.

    Personalised service is important to us. Thanks to our lean and intelligent sales structure, our sales reps are always close on hand – and are finding new and practical solutions to your problems every day. We guarantee fast delivery and also offer each part as an individual spare. Our promise? Stable and fair prices for the best products.