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PICHLER Enginge Catalog

PICHLER Tools Solutions for ENGINES

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PICHLER Enginge Catalog


PICHLER Enginge Catalog


Here at Pichler Tools we design and develop specialist tool solutions for problem jobs ranging from seized injector removal in engines like Renault Traffic/Vauxhall Vivaro M9R. Broken Glow Plug Removal including Glow Plug tip extraction without removing the cylinder head. We also provide universal solutions to give maximum coverage to the independent garage. 


    Here we design and manufacture specific tool solutions for the most problematic jobs. For example broken/seized hydraulic injector removal, broken glow plug extraction including glow plug tips without the need for cylinder head removal and many other time saving specialist tools.


    We have a small technical team which enables us to react to market conditions very quickly and provide solutions for the most complex automotive problems. We design and develop technician friendly usable solutions making problem jobs profitable for our customers.


    With our tools we provide extensive instruction manuals and technical telephone support. We are also able to offer onsite demonstration visits with our well stocked and equipped technical demonstration vehicles fully equipped with cylinder heads etc.